I Want to Establish or Embolden my Legacy. It's Time!

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I Want to Establish or Embolden my Legacy. It's Time!

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Signature Legacies

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Signature Legacies serves people ready to be their best selves and to create documented legacies across multiple platforms and potential products or brands. 

Why do this? In the words of others…

“Spend more time building a legacy than an inheritance.” – Jean Chatzky, author of Money Rules: The Simple Path to Lifelong Security

“Never Shrink Yourself, for anyone, for any reason.” – Dawn Brockett, author of Unrestricted

Approach: One-on-one work with thought leaders, subject matter experts, and credentialed professionals who are people centric in both process-leadership and human interactions. Our technically savvy visionary creative team works with you to capture signature moves, expressions, and stories of people and organizations to create intellectual property that establishes potential future revenue-generation vehicles, historical documentation, and estate assets. We work with 5 individuals each 12-month experience cycle. This is an exclusive cohort of future-focused, legacy leaving individuals. Ultimately, we support you as you capture your legacy of intellectual property for yourself, your management and/or foundation teams, and your heirs.

Clients choose from the following arenas: Signature Legacies its mission by working with clients who select from the following arenas of legacy development during their 12-month contracted experience.
  • Personal Legacy
  • Professional and Productizing Legacies
  • Corporate Legacies
  • Legacy-Specific “Built” Endeavors – the Planning
  • Custom Blended Arena curated from the Signature Legacies™ multiples of experiences.
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Examples of Signature Legacies™ Client Work:


Unrestricted by Dawn Brockett (developmental editing). Memoir. The story of having anorexia and living!

Life-A-Tecture by Ernest J. Lombard, FAIA. North American Book Award 2012 (ghost writing, photo selections, editing, production management/vendor management). The story of world travels on the seat of a motorcycle, along with end-of-chapter Building Your Life questions.

Charlie’s Letter: A letter from a mom to her son. Children’s book/memoir of a 10-year old.


One-on-one interviews with inventors, authors, and busines owners have appeared on television and radio.

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“I discovered that my writing really was a book!” – author who published her memoir and went on a multi-state and multi-country book tour in 2023 and 2024.

“I was ready to become my best self in my work world and at home.” – C-Suite members from three organizations.

“The questions Jana asked reshaped my business vision and gave the leadership team decision-making questions we continue to use.” ~ Founder of a socially conscious investments firm.

“Jana is the best facilitator I’ve ever worked with – protecting space for everyone to be heard.” – CEO, for-profit law enforcement education and services company

“I love working with Jana – Decisions get made. Actions follow.” – Owner, Winery and tasting room.

The Signature Legacies’ arenas include Soul Emergence, which led to: “Soul Emergence helped me transition through a major life change, a move and loss of space, and a lost sense of home. These 12 weeks permanently improved my life!” – Pacific Northwest Business Owner

“I haven’t slept this late in years. Why didn’t you wake me to start the day?” – Mechanical Engineer.

Answer: You obviously needed the sleep more than anything else.

“Jana listened. Captured my voice in the storytelling. My book won a North American Book Award! And her work helped me earn Fellowship in the American Institute of Architects.” – Retired FAIA architect.

”Prepared. Insightful. Timely product delivery.” – CEO Urban Planning organization and education products International distribution team.

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